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Those party members who kill the BDW Beast faster than the opposite party members will get the BDW Exit Medal & National Points and after that kill the BDW Keeper, they will be able to exit from BDW as winners. The party members who lost the BDW Exit Medal will lose 1.000 National Points.


If you want to participate in Border Defense War you will need to have BDW LogIn Medal and at least 2.000+ National Points.
Only the first 8 people of each nation who kill the BDW Guards will be able to enter in BDW.

National Points

Basicaly you get National Points for killing BDW Beast and Keepers in Border Defense War.
Also you get 50 National Points for each player kill and lose 50 National Points if you die by player.
The player who got the BDW Exit Medal and use it to teleport all party members back to Moradon will get 1.000 National Points as bonus.
The party members who have lost the BDW Exit Medal will lose 1.000 National Points.

Border Defense War Schedule

[All times are in FlameKO Standard Time(GMT +3)]




Saturday & Sunday
1:00 P.M,
Elmorad Keeper   Karus Keeper
Elmorad Castle   Karus Castle
Victory Gate   BDW Monument