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Q: I have bugs in-game ... How can i fix them?
A: Open Server.ini in FlameKO folder and change version patch=1604 and download the patches again.

Q: FlameKO wont start up at all ?!
A: Please try to deactivate your antivirus and run the launcher.

Q: It still doesn't work. I've tried the above step but I can't get it to work.
A: Re-download FlameKO with your antivirus turned off because It's possible to delete FKOClient.exe

Q: I cant download the patches. Why ?
A: Disable your firewall / windows - firewall

Q: Extract failed after patching ?
A: Open the launcher with Administrator rights ( right click on the launcher and choose to open as Administrator )

Q: I am receiving error message "login failed", so what to do now?
A: Please attempt to login again. This error is normally caused by too many users attempting to login at one time. If the problem persists please make a topic on forums.

Q: Where do I download Flame Knight Online?

Q: Where do I go to create an account?
A: on the top left

Q: I cannot login at - Why ?
A: Try Mozilla firefox or Opera.

Q: When I try connecting to the game server, sometimes I'm getting the message that "the account is currently in use".'
A: In that case go to and login with your account --> click on the top left My KOL link --> Debug account

Q: When I try to connect with one of my characters ... I'm always getting disconnected. Why ?
A: This character has been blocked. If you feel that this was done in error, please submit a topic on forums at Ban appeals section.

Q: I saw someone (cheating, hacking, duping, glitching)! What can I do about it?
A: Make a clear screenshot or record it with Fraps and post it in Cheater Reports section.

Q: I think I just got scammed or I don't want to get scammed, so what can I do?
A: When you are trading always make sure that the item you want is in the window when you click the trade button. Some times a scammer will close the window and reopen it and put a lower grade item in. So again make sure that you look at the item again before clicking trade. If this occurs, there is nothing we can do about it. Please make sure for what you are trading for, is in fact, what you wanted.

Q: Person I share the account with took all my items! How can I get them back?
A: We do not support accounts that have had shared access. All issues with these accounts will have to be resolved between the users involved.

Q: I can't seem to get pass the 10% on the loading screen, what is happening?
A: This issue can occur for several different reasons. One could be that the server can be undergoing maintenance. If that is the case please view the forums for any information. Another thing you can do is clear out your temporary internet files and make sure you are clear of any viruses. Also, it occurs when your character is banned.